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Fake Taxi

Punish Porn Tube

Small Exxxtra

Doing Teen Girl Porn

Impersonating Police Cop

I would never want to be the guy who fakes being a cop during Christmas, even after watching Ice Cube’s Friday movie, I wouldn’t even want to be a real cop on Christmas. This man tried to sabotage Christmas shopping by pretending to be an officer. He is now behind that cell with only his Christmas wishes and a hearing to think about. He’s probably going to be a fake santa next Christmas.

Many think that a nuru masseuse is a sexy woman or man with that special touch. The bottom line is the talent and skill in the field. Looking at the massage parlors, many have employed individuals who have the expertise but luck great physical appearance. Many individuals have stood up and without a word left the room almost in the nude aiming to save their lives when they see a large summo guy especially if they are used to the tall, slim and sexy women in costumes. Next time, do not run as they have the skill and are also very gentle.

I’m sure you’ve all heard how boring soldier life can be at times (not counting times with booties from tours). That’s why our squad came up with all sorts of random ways of keeping ourselves entertained: reading letters, playing cards…
Eventually, though, those ideas get pretty dang old.
What doesn’t get old, though, is loading up bottles of whiskey into a rocket launcher and then trying to catch the bottles without breaking ‘em. Now, that’s fun.
Well, at least until you break the whiskey and realize how much of that precious stuff you’ve wasted.

Interesting... 18s and abuse is quite the most popular thing for years now!

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